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Year Round Group Lesson Program!

Next session May 28 to June29th

Register Here:


To late for this semester?  NO PROBLEM! You may drop into classes for $30.  You can just come in at the time of class, and pay at the front counter. They will provide you with skates and a class card. 

Pricing for Summer Semester 1:
1 Class per Week:   $150.00

2 Classes per Week:$276.00  

3 Classes per Week:$420.00 

Each skater can make up 1 class per session. On the first day of the semester, the coaches will hand out public session punch cards. 

Thursday 5:15-5:45pm

Tuesday 11:30-12:30pm  

1st Half Hour: Snowplow Sam, Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Adult

2nd Half Hour: 

Basic 4, Basic 5, Basic 6, Memorial Freeskate 1-3

Tuesday ONLY Beginner Hockey 5:15pm

                        Advanced Hockey 5:45pm



Snowplow Sam, Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, and Adult


Basic 4, Basic 5, Basic 6, Memorial Freeskate 1-3



To provide a fun

and safe skating experience


To teach correct technique of the basic elements


To promote health and physical wellness

For all participants to achieve the skills to perform at a higher level if they choose.



Snowplow Sam Levels

The Snowplow Sam levels are designed to help the preschool-age skater develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on the ice. Snowplow Sam is a big, fuzzy polar bear who loves to skate. Time with Snowplow Sam will allow preschool children to become comfortable on the ice. The child-instructor ratio for Snowplow Sam courses is 12:1 except Snowplow Sam 1 which is 8:1.


Basic Skills Levels

The “basic skills” are the fundamentals of the sport. These levels of the program introduce the fundamental moves: forward skating, backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, turns and Mohawks. Upon completion of the Basic levels, skaters will have a base knowledge of the sport, enabling them to advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Find Your Level

Snowplow Sam 1 (Ages 4-7)

  • Sit and stand up with skates on – off Ice

  • Sit and stand up – on Ice

  • March in place

  • March forward – 8–10 steps

  • March, then glide on two feet

  • Dip in place

Snowplow Sam 2 (Ages 4-7)

  • March followed by a long glide 

  • Dip while moving 

  • Backward wiggles – six in a row 

  • Rocking horse – one forward, one backward swizzle 

  • Forward two-foot swizzles – 2-3 in a row 

  • Two-foot hop in place (optional)

Snowplow Sam 3 (Ages 4-7)

  • Forward skating – 8–10 steps

  • Forward one-foot glide – R and L

  • Forward swizzles – 4–6 in a row

  • Backward swizzles – 4–6 in a row

  • Forward snowplow stop with skid

  • Curves

Beginning Learn to Skate

  • New or beginning skaters ages 8-15

  • Primary focus to introduce forward skating, forward two foot glides and forward bubbles

Intermediate Learn to Skate

  • Skaters who have completed Beginner 3, Basic LTS, Snow Plow Sam 3 or are able to move across the rink forward and backward in a gliding motion and can balance moving forward on 1 foot 

  • Primary focus to develop forward skating, stops, backward skating, build strength and balancing on one foot to prepare for crossovers

Advanced Learn to Skate

  • Skaters who have completed Beginner 4, PreAlpha, Intermediate LTS, or are able to skate forward, backwards and glide forward on 1 foot proficiently

  • Primary focus to develop forward crossovers, introduce backward crossovers and turns


For more information regarding our Learn to Skate programs, contact us.

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