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Registration is available in person at the Ice Skate Memorial City.   For more information contact

Program Dates:

Year Round Group Lesson Program!

Next session April 13th to May 23rd


To late for this semester?  NO PROBLEM! You may drop into classes for $30.  You can just come in at the time of class, and pay at the front counter. They will provide you with skates and a class card. 

Pricing for Spring 3 Semester:
1 Class per Week:   $150.00

2 Classes per Week:$276.00  

3 Classes per Week:$420.00 

Each skater can make up 1 class per session. On the first day of the semester, the coaches will hand out public session punch cards. 

Tuesday and Thursdays Lessons


Snowplow Sam, Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Adult


Basic 4, Basic 5, Basic 6, Memorial Freeskate 1-3

Thursdays ONLY Beginner Hockey 5:15pm

                        Advanced Hockey 5:45pm



Snowplow Sam, Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, and Adult


Basic 4, Basic 5, Basic 6, Memorial Freeskate 1-3




To provide a fun

and safe skating experience


To teach correct technique of the basic elements


To promote health and physical wellness

For all participants to achieve the skills to perform at a higher level if they choose.



Snowplow Sam Levels

The Snowplow Sam levels are designed to help the preschool-age skater develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on the ice. Snowplow Sam is a big, fuzzy polar bear who loves to skate. Time with Snowplow Sam will allow preschool children to become comfortable on the ice. The child-instructor ratio for Snowplow Sam courses is 12:1 except Snowplow Sam 1 which is 8:1.


Basic Skills Levels

The “basic skills” are the fundamentals of the sport. These levels of the program introduce the fundamental moves: forward skating, backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, turns and Mohawks. Upon completion of the Basic levels, skaters will have a base knowledge of the sport, enabling them to advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Find Your Level

Snowplow Sam 1 (Ages 4-7)

  • Sit and stand up with skates on – off Ice

  • Sit and stand up – on Ice

  • March in place

  • March forward – 8–10 steps

  • March, then glide on two feet

  • Dip in place

Snowplow Sam 2 (Ages 4-7)

  • March followed by a long glide 

  • Dip while moving 

  • Backward wiggles – six in a row 

  • Rocking horse – one forward, one backward swizzle 

  • Forward two-foot swizzles – 2-3 in a row 

  • Two-foot hop in place (optional)

Snowplow Sam 3 (Ages 4-7)

  • Forward skating – 8–10 steps

  • Forward one-foot glide – R and L

  • Forward swizzles – 4–6 in a row

  • Backward swizzles – 4–6 in a row

  • Forward snowplow stop with skid

  • Curves

Beginning Learn to Skate

  • New or beginning skaters ages 8-15

  • Primary focus to introduce forward skating, forward two foot glides and forward bubbles

Intermediate Learn to Skate

  • Skaters who have completed Beginner 3, Basic LTS, Snow Plow Sam 3 or are able to move across the rink forward and backward in a gliding motion and can balance moving forward on 1 foot 

  • Primary focus to develop forward skating, stops, backward skating, build strength and balancing on one foot to prepare for crossovers

Advanced Learn to Skate

  • Skaters who have completed Beginner 4, PreAlpha, Intermediate LTS, or are able to skate forward, backwards and glide forward on 1 foot proficiently

  • Primary focus to develop forward crossovers, introduce backward crossovers and turns


For more information regarding our Learn to Skate programs, contact us.

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